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Turning Point: The making of an advocate

Advocate For Justice

Turning Point

At some point in life we all must make a choice and standup for something. Regardless of the consequences, we must undertake the venture. What could make a man enter an arena as an "unqualified" neophyte, face the perils of federal litigation "unrepresented by counsel", and emerge victorious?--obtaining up to ten appeals in one system without reading one law book prior to 1992 and then take that claim, per se, and present it in a forum, that most attorneys believed impossible--The United States District Court.

How could one man take on the United States Postal Service since 1983 and ultimately secure a stipulated multi-million dollar, non-jury action against the United States of America? How does an ordinary man acquire the special skills in strategy, negotiating, and manipulation required to render three different Assistant United States Attorneys virtually "incompetent"? Turning Point: The making of an advocate: An exposé detailing the fifteen year saga of one man's personal and legal valor in the pursuit of justice can answer all these questions.

I truly believe Turning Point will have an appeal to a variety of readers, including those not closely associated with the legal profession. It will provide a refreshing post O.J. facelift in American jurisprudence and chronolog a variety of aspects of the author's life during this period; including his tumultuous personal life, the stakes and the players in the game, the legal maneuverings, and behind the scenes strategy. The focus of Turning Point will be from a microcosm as client, attorney, and advocate all wrapped into one; a perspective that few authors can boast. Due to the voluminous records created, this book has the added potential for conversion into a series of books, magazine abstracts, and screenplay as well.

The author--currently unpublished--is a college graduate, a former postal carrier, and pro se litigant in the U. S. District Court (2 related subsequent claims totalling $132,000,000.00) with a combined twenty years legal experience in handling Federal Workers' Compensation and Federal Tort Claims actions.

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