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Reasonable Doubt
HMO Horror Stories
IRS Horror Stories
Going Postal

What's the common denominator?
Too frequently, the recipient of governmental, journalistic, and corporate tyranny is the average man. Regrettably, only after repeated acts of personal destruction and terrorism is the focus directed toward these atrocities - at which point, big business tends to transcend urgency. Reasonable Doubt re: the O.J. Simpson trial; jurors were supposedly biased and unintelligent! IRS Horror Stories re: the Leeza Gibbons Show; a truthful depiction of governmental greed and torture. HMO Horror Stories re: every national network - more depictions of corporate greed and torture. So why the media blitz long after the fact? Well, I have an answer and a remedy for each of the above. Although, it will cost you nothing, you will learn a lot! On one hand, there will be no attorney, no jury, and no destruction. However, on the other hand, there will be tyranny, there will be justice, and there will be no doubt!

Food For Thought: Metonym Is there another word for a synonym? By Gary B. Jefferson Independent Correspondent June 1, 1998 All rights reserved.

Turning Point/Non Jury Advocacy:
Going Postal


LLAPS for goal!

"A running man must always focus on the goal."

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